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We Implement Social Media Marketing Strategies

We help our Clients build awareness, increase sales, sell an experience, grow visitor numbers, boost the local tourist economy.

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Our influencer & social media marketing which drive effective engagement.  Increased publicity and engagement directly affects a company's ROI.

Social Media Marking

Nasty stay

In the first 30 days after EcoBrandNow helped it switch to the Facebook pixel, Nasty Stay tracked website conversions and retargeted ads to potential customers more accurately. Its ongoing campaign, which began in May 2016, achieved:


  • 35% decrease in cost per purchase
  • 32% increase in total purchases
  • 3.5X growth in revenue, year over year
Influencer Marketing

In a month-long campaign to drive awareness and generate conversation, influencers shared 58 pieces of content that positioned Nasty stay as the go-to street style line


  • Impressions 8M
  • Reach 5.2 M
  • Engagements 350k
  • CPE $0.06
Influencer Marketing

To build brand awareness for the new and improved Sephora Collection, we constructed a two-tier program celebrating "Hello JO" on social media.


  • 585k Engagements
  • reach of over 650k
Social Media marketing


The Cold-Press brand partnered with EcoBrandNow on a social media ad campaign featuring Facebook influencers, achieving a 56% increase in its click-through rate and a 53% decrease in cost per sell.


  • 15%decrease in cost per action
  • 36%increase in click-through rate
  • 75%decrease in cost per video view
Influencer Marketing

The Cold Pressed Juices

A micro influencer campaign to support the launch of the new product .KPI – create a stream of on-brand content to be rolled out by micro influencers on Instagram and their blogs around the launch date.


  • blog posts 4
  • instagram posts 17
  • reach of over 450k
Our Network

We build on Relationships

We work with the most creative voices across all social media platforms and content categories.




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Combined Audience Reach

The ability to segment, target, test and expand the reach of our ads with new ad types, throughout the full marketing funnel, has accelerated growth for our business. Integral to this is the tracking and reporting that Facebook provides and the strategic guidance of our agency, EcoBrandNow.

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